Abiding: What? It’s Not All About Me?

I’m delighted with our Navigator emphasis on abiding in Jesus. I can’t think of anything that I would rather see placed first in our personal and organizational priorities. The articles and videos in NavWeekly have been wonderfully helpful and uplifting. As we think of the tremendous privilege of living in Christ, I want to suggest a parallel […]

Coronial Confessions

The coronavirus restrictions are changing me. Good things are resulting from staying at home. These are re-setting weeks. God’s Spirit is with me, making itself known in the quietness of these at-home days. When the pandemic has passed, I hope I don’t return to my former ways! Many of the “ahas” I’m observing rest in […]

We Still Need Older Women!

Sue Tell, Jean Fleming

“Older women still need older women.” I don’t remember when I first wrote those words in my journal. As I’ve continued my journey and can now claim “older”status, I know for sure that God whispered an important truth to me that day, and it has resonated ever since. Discipleship—encouraging others in their walk with God—is not […]

The Challenge of Change

Larry and Marilyn Hardie

Marilyn Gnekow had learned a lot about adjusting to change in her four decades on Navigators staff. But this one was a doozy!  She’d always longed to be married—to do life and ministry with a soulmate—and never sensed God tell her to let the dream die. But as she reached her 70s, she began to […]

What Does It Mean to Abide? A Video with Jean Fleming

In this beautiful six-minute video, beloved Navigator disciplemaker, speaker, and author Jean Fleming talks about her journey of abiding in Christ. Jean describes how abiding leads to fruitfulness as we nourish our connection to Jesus, the Vine. Click here to view it.

Five Lessons the Pediatric-ICU Taught Me

Editor’s Note: The following is from Sue Tell’s weekly blog at suetell.com. Two years ago this month, the text came. Ezra suffered a seizure and is in the ER. Twelve weeks in pediatric-ICU, five ambulance rides, and four hospitals later Ezra came home. Many of my blog readers continue to ask about our precious “grand.” Thank you so […]

In the Valley of Shadow

The small “stroke” in Bill’s optic nerve came suddenly and unannounced. When he woke up that Tuesday morning in March 2018, his left eye saw large, dark shapes moving around. Our ophthalmologist quickly made room in his schedule to see Bill and discovered a swollen optic nerve. He ordered a series of tests, but none provided […]

Through Seasons of Suffering—Video From David Brown

Suffering and loss are part of life. How can we live in these painful seasons with our faith intact, in a way that honors God? David Brown addressed these issues at the Senior Staff Luncheon, held in Colorado Springs in February. He offered a biblical response to suffering and loss based on Romans 5:3-5 in The […]

Receive Is a Christmas Word

“Oh, you shouldn’t have.” As I was growing up, I often heard those words when a gift was given. Receiving can be hard. But as Christmas is the season of giving, so Christmas must also be the season of receiving. And sometimes, receiving is transformational. As I think about receiving in my life, three instances […]

A Quiet Place

It was the last few days of two weeks at Sanctuary, our small cabin buried deep among the pines of the Wet Mountains. It’s the place my husband and I go to refresh and refuel. One day I received texts from two different friends, both sharing their great weariness. They were in the midst of people, […]