In the Valley of Shadow

The small “stroke” in Bill’s optic nerve came suddenly and unannounced. When he woke up that Tuesday morning in March 2018, his left eye saw large, dark shapes moving around. Our ophthalmologist quickly made room in his schedule to see Bill and discovered a swollen optic nerve. He ordered a series of tests, but none provided […]

Through Seasons of Suffering—Video From David Brown

Suffering and loss are part of life. How can we live in these painful seasons with our faith intact, in a way that honors God? David Brown addressed these issues at the Senior Staff Luncheon, held in Colorado Springs in February. He offered a biblical response to suffering and loss based on Romans 5:3-5 in The […]

Receive Is a Christmas Word

“Oh, you shouldn’t have.” As I was growing up, I often heard those words when a gift was given. Receiving can be hard. But as Christmas is the season of giving, so Christmas must also be the season of receiving. And sometimes, receiving is transformational. As I think about receiving in my life, three instances […]

A Quiet Place

It was the last few days of two weeks at Sanctuary, our small cabin buried deep among the pines of the Wet Mountains. It’s the place my husband and I go to refresh and refuel. One day I received texts from two different friends, both sharing their great weariness. They were in the midst of people, […]

Humble Pie

You know, there are some stories that are just so embarrassing you don’t even want to share them. Yet if you do, you not only minister to others, you allow yourself to experience truth. So here goes. It was the mid-eighties. Our church leaders asked me to write a children’s Bible memory program that built […]

Seeing God in the Garden

God designed growing things to teach us Kingdom principles. The garden was Adam’s first job and his first classroom. It can be our classroom as well. The Bible is full of garden imagery: seeds, plants, weeds, pruning watering, harvests. Recently I asked my wife, Marilyn, if she wanted to sit with me in our back yard […]

Our Spiritual Mainsail

Sailing ships and sailboats are powered by many different types of sails. Some, called mainsails, are essential. Others, such as jibs, topsails, and spinnakers, are added to complement the mainsails. Effective sailing requires knowing how to use each of these sails. As we follow Jesus, certain spiritual disciplines act as mainsails, while others are good […]

Our Need to Receive

My friend Linda shared a prayer she prayed some time ago: God, I want a closer relationship with you. Help! Amen. She told me that God’s answer was almost immediate. Stop achieving, start receiving. As I’ve pondered this response, it occurred to me that our life with God begins with receiving. “But to all who received him, […]

Our Keel of Faith

The keel—the flat blade sticking down into the water from a sailboat’s bottom—is an essential part of every sailboat. It has three functions: It creates forward motion, it prevents the boat from being blown sideways by the wind, and it holds the ballast (counterweight) that keeps the boat right-side up. Pretty simple, right? Also, very essential. […]

From Worry to Wisdom

“Do not be anxious about anything” (Philippians 6:6). This may be one of the most difficult commands in Scripture to follow. Each of us has different concerns. Some of the things we tend to worry about (and shouldn’t) take on different dimensions  as we grow older. But the concerns below likely remain on a list you […]