In the Valley of Shadow

The small “stroke” in Bill’s optic nerve came suddenly and unannounced. When he woke up that Tuesday morning in March 2018, his left eye saw large, dark shapes moving around. Our ophthalmologist quickly made room in his schedule to see Bill and discovered a swollen optic nerve. He ordered a series of tests, but none provided […]

God’s Glory on Display

Do you ever feel like you’re in a wrestling match with life? Are you circling with an opponent who wants to take you down? Or, worse yet, are you in danger of being “pinned” to the mat? When I was in one of those “wrestling” times several years ago, I memorized Exodus 14:14: “The Lord will […]

Remembering Roger Fleming

When Roger Fleming went home to the Lord in late November, he left a legacy that will likely continue for generations. During more than five decades of ministry with The Navigators, he touched countless lives from Asia to the Pacific Northwest to Colorado. Many have been blessed by his wife, Jean’s, tribute to Roger at […]

Walking with Someone in Pain

As I was cleaning off a bookshelf recently, I came upon a basket full of cards that had poured in after my husband’s death. Later, as I sat down to read them, it sent me back to that time ten years ago when my life had turned upside down. Seeing these words of love warmed […]