Right Where You Are

Recently, a close Christian friend of ours was taking a walk in the neighborhood she and her husband have lived in these past 15 plus years. This couple has a lifestyle of trusting God to use them to advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom among those without Christ. Both she and her husband have […]

Generous Friendship

“Why did you come to Siberia?” asked a scientist named Andre, not long after we first met. Deb and I were “non-resident” missionaries to Siberia at the time—during the mid-90s. We traveled in and out and helped launch an outreach and discipling ministry among former communist atheists. We made multiple trips to the city of […]

Sitting on Ready

Some years ago, a southern gentleman passed on to me a memorable comment on the idea of service to our Lord. The elderly saint said it this way: “A servant should always be sitting on ready.” I saw this in action with the recent transition of the AFAM Network from my wife, Jane, and me to […]

We Need Helen!

As City Campus Director of the Nashville Navigators, I can’t say enough about the ministry impact we’re experiencing locally through the efforts of Helen Ebert, who is a part of our Nav Encore Mission. Frankly put, we need Helen! Our ministry in Nashville is exploding on campus, with numerous students coming to faith in Christ and deepening their […]

LIFE LESSONS: No Other Time Like This One

One experience while I served at the University of Kobe in Japan many years ago had a deep impact that has lasted throughout my life. A Japanese friend who attended another college told me about a friend, Minato San, who wanted to study the Bible. We had been praying that we could start a Bible […]