Creating a Birthday to Remember

Part of our ministry centers around our neighborhood. We have had the privilege of reaching out to many young couples. Recently I have loved using A Woman’s Journey of Discipleship Navigator studies with two young moms in our cul-de-sac. We praise God that one of them, “Mary,” accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior about a month ago. The other woman, “Judy,” is very interested but has some doubts.

A few weeks ago, Judy told me that her 40th birthday was coming up. She was a bit sad because they couldn’t go out or celebrate because of the COVID-19 virus shutdown.

I had seen a picture online of a family circled around the yard of their grandma’s house as she stood on the porch. They stood apart from each other, holding signs and singing “Happy Birthday” to her on her 80th birthday.

My husband and I thought this would be a great idea for Judy’s birthday. I went to the dollar store and purchased 13 multi-colored poster boards and brightly colored markers. I drew one letter on each poster board and used my cookie cutters (stars, flowers, moons, stripes) to decorate each letter and color them in. We recruited neighbors to join in. My husband organized them six feet apart in a half circle in front of her home at 9:00 a.m. on her birthday. Each person held two letters to spell “Happy Birthday.” He placed our gift, with helium balloons tied to it, on Judy’s porch and knocked.

When Judy and her husband and daughter came out on the porch, we all enthusiastically sang “Happy Birthday.” We then dispersed to our homes in compliance with coronavirus guidelines.

Judy has thanked all of us several times for making her birthday so special. She says she will never forget her 40th birthday! Our relationship with her and her family is growing.

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the Encore couple’s neighbors.

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